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FRAM® is a leader in the competitive industry of oil filters and air filters. But we don’t need to tell you that. Our reputation for high-quality yet reasonably priced products is exactly why you’re here.

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    FRAM Heavy Duty Oil Filters

    We’re proud to offer three distinct products designed specifically for today’s varying fleet operating environments. Each FRAM heavy duty oil filter is designed to meet fleet maintenance requirements and help curb escalating fleet maintenance costs.

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    FRAM Heavy Duty Engine Air Filters

    FRAM heavy duty air filters provide extensive coverage, whether your fleet is on the highway or in stop-and-go traffic, and offer both traditional and radial-seal designs.

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    FRAM Heavy Duty Cabin Air Filters

    Do your drivers a solid and add regular replacement of cabin air filters to your fleet’s preventive maintenance schedule.

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    FRAM Diesel Fuel Filters

    The full line of FRAM diesel fuel filters ensures proper fuel system flow while protecting critical system components. As you know, primary filters are designed for optimum balance between low restriction and high efficiency, while secondary filters are designed for maximum particle removal. Together, they deliver optimum fuel system performance.

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    FRAM Heavy Duty Hydraulic Filters

    Designed for performance and durability, FRAM heavy duty hydraulic filters offer the highest levels of particle removal without sacrificing filter life. They also include components and materials necessary for the conditions found in today’s hydraulic systems.

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    FRAM Heavy Duty Coolant Filters

    Cut downtime with FRAM heavy duty coolant filters and additives. It’s no secret that circulating debris in a cooling system can lead to premature component failure, which is why our coolant filtration products provide both critical filtration, as well as additive packages.